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Le rangement fait DIFFÉREMMENT

When it came to creating our Evolia line, we decided to think outside the box.

Evolia by Proslat is a storage solution unlike any other. It starts with our award-winning slatwall and finishes off with beautiful home accessories and vivid colored shelving options.

Simply install your slatwall and clip in your accessories, rearrange as needed anytime!

Les panneaux Evolia

EVOLIA SLATWALL is sold in packages of 15 individual panels, which, when installed, cover an area measuring 6 ft. high x 8 ft. wide. 
Total coverage: 48 sq.ft. (4.32 sq. m.)

All necessary trims and hardware for standard installation over drywall into studs or directly to studs are supplied. Not to worry if your closet is larger or smaller than the average — Slatwall can be treated like wood and cut with any jig saw or circular saw and any leftover pieces will come in handy in the garage or another location in your home.

Une fois les panneaux installés, accrochez-y simplement vos accessoires et déplacez-les aussi souvent que vous le souhaitez.

•  Made in Canada from 90% recycled materials

•  Crisp white finish

•  Installed directly to studs or to drywall into studs

•  May be installed as a track, in a section or over an entire wall


SÉRIE SIGNATURE D'EVOLIA – not what you would expect to find in a closet, so we opened the doors to demonstrate just how well Evolia Signature Accessories work throughout the home.

Chez Evolia, nous rendons le PLAISIR fonctionnel.

Nos accessoires possèdent les caractéristiques suivantes :

•  Chrome finish accessories

•  White matte finish shelves

•  Fits exclusively on Proslat and Evolia slatwall

Accessoires – Série de base

Heavy-duty ventilated wire storage with a powder coated finish. Evolia Basics is the essentials – a focus on quality and functionality for those who want a no-frills approach to storage while keeping your budget in check.

•  Heavy-duty ventilated wire storage that won't bend

•  Powder coated finish for increased resistance to corrosion

•  Same quality as Signature Series at super friendly prices

• Fits exclusively on Proslat and Evolia slatwall

Garantie à vie

Proslat is here to make you happy, and we back that up with our no nonsense return policy. Contact us at within 30 days of your purchase and we will give you a refund, replacement or exchange. Valid for orders placed directly through